About Us

Lezlie Hall Associates embraces transparency, reciprocity and flexibility to offer personable, rational, and measurable financial operations services for your business.

Over a decade of hands-on, all-in, fully invested experience cultivating workplace prosperity and financial return for tastemakers, visionaries, non-profit heroes and culture creators, we provide integrated, scalable, financial focused services that prioritize your prosperity--giving agency to your abundance.



Lezlie Hall

Lezlie got her start in creative business management at the architectural firm, Steven Learner Studio in 2003. Surrounded by some of the most stunning art and architectural work in New York City and a fabulous group of smart and hilarious people, it was a fantastic place for someone with a background in fine art to get a crash course in number wrangling for creative business. From there Lezlie went on to work with dozens of other small and mid-sized creative luxury brands in NYC and Brooklyn, hoarding tips and tricks along the way from each courageous business founder and all of their steadfast accountants and consultants, too. Today, together with Shannon and Sarah, she manages Lezlie Hall Associates dishing up our singular combination of aesthetic sensitivity and extensive business experience just for you.


Shannon liang

Shannon has an extensive background crunching numbers for creative endeavors, with experience planning, projecting, and strategizing for businesses ranging from major national retailers to independent artist studios. She honed her financial skills at NYU Stern with degrees in Accounting and Economics, and is a practicing artist working across visual and time-based media.

Sarah Suzuki, Lezlie Hall Associates

Sarah Suzuki

Sarah graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College, Columbia University with a degree in Theater, Acting concentration. After graduation, she began working in arts administration, focusing on nonprofit bookkeeping and fiscal administration for nonprofit arts companies. She has experience in grant writing and social media in addition to her fiscal background. Sarah is an actor, and actively performs in theater and film all over the city.

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